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Alphabet Review & Longer Words Unit Resources (Lessons 35-41)


The Alphabet Review and Longer Words Unit provides students with additional practice with decoding and encoding words containing the concepts learned in the previous Alphabet lessons (Lessons 1-34). ​ These lessons have alternate forms (e.g., Lesson 38a, 38b). You can select the version of the lesson that best meets your students’ needs, or you can teach all the versions to provide additional review and practice.

Lesson Concept Slide Deck Decodable Passages Home Practice Activities Additional Activities
35a Short A Review 35a PowerPoint
35a Google Slides
35a Decodable Passage 35a Home Practice 35a Roll and Read
35b Nasalized A Review (an, am) 35b PowerPoint
35b Google Slides
35b Decodable Passage 35b Home Practice 35b Roll and Read
35c Short A
Advanced Review
35c PowerPoint
35c Google Slides
35c Decodable Passage 35c Home Practice 35c Roll and Read
36a Short I Review 36a PowerPoint
36a Google Slides
36a Decodable Passage 36a Home Practice 36a Roll and Read
36b Short I
Advanced Review
36b PowerPoint
36b Google Slides
36b Decodable Passage 36b Home Practice 36b Roll and Read
37a Short O Review 37a PowerPoint
37a Google Slides

37a Decodable Passage 37a Home Practice 37a Roll and Read
37b Short O
Advanced Review
37b PowerPoint
37b Google Slides

37b Decodable Passage 37b Home Practice 37b Roll and Read
38a Short A, I, O Review 38a PowerPoint
38a Google Slides

38a Decodable Passage 38a Home Practice 38a Roll and Read
38b Short A, I, O
Advanced Review
38b PowerPoint
38b Google Slides

38b Decodable Passage 38bHome Practice 38b Roll and Read
39a Short U Review 39a PowerPoint
39a Google Slides

39a Decodable Passage 39a Home Practice 39a Roll and Read
39b Short U
Advanced Review
39b PowerPoint
39b Google Slides

39b Decodable Passage 39b Home Practice 39b Roll and Read
40a Short E Review 40a PowerPoint
40a Google Slides

40a Decodable Passage 40a Home Practice 40a Roll and Read
40b Short E
Advanced Review
40b PowerPoint
40b Google Slides

40b Decodable Passage 40b Home Practice 40b Roll and Read
41a Short Vowel Review (all) 41a PowerPoint
41a Google Slides

41a Decodable Passage 41a Home Practice 41a Roll and Read
41b Short Vowel Review (all) 41b PowerPoint
41b Google Slides

41b Decodable Passage 41b Home Practice 41b Roll and Read
41c Short Vowel Review (all) 41c PowerPoint
41c Google Slides

41c Decodable Passage 41c Home Practice 41c Roll and Read


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