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The UFLI Foundations Toolbox contains all the lesson resources to accompany the lesson plans provided in the UFLI Foundations manual. (Don’t have a manual yet? Click here to order one) Every lesson has companion resources that will help you implement the lessons efficiently, effectively, and consistently.

Some of the companion lesson resources you will find below include:

  • Lesson slide decks (in PowerPoint and Google Slide formats)
  • Decodable passages
  • Homework sheets
  • Games and activities for additional practice

We have grouped the lessons into smaller units so you can access these resources more easily. Scroll down to use the buttons below to find the resources for each lesson or groups of lessons.

Please note that we are still building out these free resources, and we will be editing this page over the next few weeks. We wanted you to be able to access some materials as soon as possible, but be sure to come back later to see the rest!

New to UFLI Foundations? Learn about its development, check out a sample lesson plan, view the scope and sequence, and more.

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Lesson Resources


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Lessons A-J resources
Lessons 1-34 resources
Lessons 35-41 resources
Lessons 42-53 resources
Lessons 54-62 resources
Lessons 63-68 resources
Lessons 69-76 resources
Lessons 77-83 resources
Lessons 84-88 resources
Lessons 89-94 resources
Lessons 95-97 resources
Lesson 99-106 resources
Lessons 107-110 resources
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The materials on this site are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and share (with attribution), but no one is permitted to sell either the original materials, any adaptation of it, or lesson plans that reproduce any part of it.  You may not use this work for commercial purposes.  These materials are to be used for educational purposes only.