Students On Ground


Developing and sharing resources is at the heart of what UFLI does. Teachers, parents, school leaders, teacher educators … there is something here for everyone. Take a spin through our resource hubs, explore our digital word work apps, and catch up on UFLI webinars.

Students On The Ground

UFLI Resource Hubs

UFLI has developed several resource hubs to assist teachers and parents find the information they need about reading instruction and intervention, disability legislation as it relates to dyslexia, and tools for working with struggling readers at home and in the classroom.

Virtual Teaching Resource Hub

At the beginning of the pandemic, UFLI created this treasure trove of lessons, instructional activities, materials, and tutorials to help teachers provide effective literacy instruction in a digital environment. But the Virtual Teaching Resource Hub isn’t just for virtual teaching; these resources are just as useful in the physical classroom as they are in a remote classroom. Good literacy instruction is good literacy instruction, regardless of the format!

Dyslexia Resource Hub

This curated collection of resources is designed to help parents, teachers, and advocates of students with dyslexia expand their knowledge, refine their practice, and understand their rights.

Parent Resource Hub

A place where parents can go to find resources to support their child’s literacy learning at home.

Digital Word Work Apps

UFLI collaborated with UF’s Digital Worlds Institute to create digital versions of our Word Work Mat and Blending Board. Use in virtual instruction OR in classroom settings with a smartboard or tablets.

UFLI Webinars

When COVID forced schools to shift to a virtual platform, UFLI met teachers’ needs by providing a free webinar series about how to effectively teach reading online. As we pivot back to in-person learning, the information offered in these webinars can be easily translated back to the classroom.

*stay tuned for more webinars*

UFLI Foundations

After more than two years of development and pilot testing, we are excited about UFLI Foundations, an explicit and systematic program that introduces students to the foundational reading skills necessary for proficient reading.