UFLI Foundations Toolbox

Printable Resources

The resources below can be printed to support your implementation of UFLI Foundations lessons.

Lesson Planning & Implementation Support

The Lesson Planning & Implementation Support guide provides a brief overview of the UFLI Foundations lesson steps, including the materials needed and the basic procedures for implementing each step. This can serve as a handy reminder as you learn to implement the lessons.

Lesson Planning & Implementation Support Guide


Heart Word Cards

UFLI Foundations lessons include introduction and review of irregular words using the “heart word” approach in Step 7: Irregular Words. The heart word cards can be printed to use for review of previously taught words or for display in the classroom as an easy reference for your students. The notes sections of the Step 7 lesson slides that display each heart word include an explanation for the coding used. Please note that some pronunciations vary based on regional accent or dialect, and you may need to adjust the slides to align with your local pronunciation.

Heart Word Cards

Sound Wall Cards

The Sound Wall materials provided here align with the UFLI Foundations lessons.  Included in the UFLI Sound Wall set are the following:

  • phoneme cards with mouth pictures to represent the articulatory gesture associated with each phoneme,
  • labels for the sound wall displays, including the place and manner of articulation for consonants, and
  • grapheme cards that can be added to the sound wall one at a time, as the grapheme-phoneme correspondences are taught.

We have also provided printable version of the Individual Sound wall charts.  You may choose to glue them into a file folder for each student or print them front/back to laminate.  These may also be enlarged and printed as posters if your classroom space does not allow for the full UFLI Sound Wall displays.

Sound Wall Materials

Individual Sound Wall: Consonants

Individual Sound Wall: Vowels

Grapheme Cards

The printable grapheme cards may be used for general review of grapheme-phoneme correspondences.  They may also be used as an alternative to Visual Drill slides in Step 2: Visual Drill or the Virtual Blending Board in Step 4: Blending Drill, especially for small-group or one-on-one implementation of the lessons.

Grapheme Cards – Small (3.6”x4.24”)

Grapheme Cards – Medium (4.25”x5.5”)

Grapheme Cards – Large (5.5”x8.5”)

Grapheme Cards – Extra Large (8.5”x11”)


Word Work Mat

The Word Work Mat can be used in Step 6: Word Work, or any time students need to use manipulative letters for encoding and decoding practice.  The Word Work Mat can be used by the teacher, the students, or both, to practice reading and spelling words.

Download the Printable Word Work Mat

Access the Digital Word Work Mat


Printable Alphabet Tiles and Mat

The Printable Alphabet Tiles and Mat are designed to be sent home along with the Home Support Guide. Families can use these paper tiles as manipulative letters for home practice with word work. Printing them on card stock makes them easier to use.

Printable Alphabet Tiles and Mat


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Decodable Text Guide

Printable Resources

Home Support

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