UFLI Foundations Manual and Resources


The manual is full of detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans that include everything you need to implement each and every step. The lessons align with our continuous scope and sequence, designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automaticity and confidence.

What’s included in the manual?

  • Essential background knowledge for teachers
  • 148 lesson plans (10 “Getting Ready” lessons, 128 concept lessons, and 10 review lessons)
  • A  detailed description of each step and how to implement it
  • Concept-based spelling assessments to use for progress monitoring

Check out a sample lesson

Take a quick video tour of the manual

Can you teach UFLI Foundations without the purchasing the manual? Certainly. We have developed free companion resources to accompany each concept, so you can create your own lesson plans to go along with them. However, we’ve done all the work for you in the manual, and the UFLI Foundations lesson plans are so awesome (we’re not bragging – it’s what we’ve been told by teachers who have piloted the program over the past two years), you won’t want to miss out!

We have worked closely with our publisher, Ventris Learning, to keep the cost affordable for teachers. Proceeds will support UFLI’s work creating fabulous resources to support effective reading instruction.

Visit Ventris Learning’s UFLI Foundation page to order your very own copy at the introductory price of $70 (plus shipping and handling).

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Check out the UFLI Foundations Toolbox to access free resources that accompany each lesson in the UFLI Foundations manual, including:

  • Lesson slide decks
  • Center activities
  • Home support activities
  • UFLI apps
  • Decodable passages